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Seattle Based Luxury Alternative Sensual Kink Companion | Available World Wide By Appointment

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Welcome to my world. I’m glad you took the plunge and decided to find out what I can uniquely offer. You won’t regret it. I know I’ve already piqued your curiosity, so let’s go together on a journey of exploration.

Life is short so why not spend it on an adventure, and feed your body, mind and soul? The pursuit of mutual happiness is my only true goal.

Join me….

In the words of Grace Jones, "I can't run out of different ideas. I am different. When can I run out of me?"

I am Koi Erotica, Seattle’s only elite creatively sensual Ebony companion and fetishist.

Born in New Orleans, from which I inherited my warm, outgoing smile and uniquely southern charms. My home is the Pacific Northwest. love Seattle, wouldn’t mind exploring the city and all its possibilities with you.

I am naturally elegant and laid-back, but I’m also an outgoing girl who loves movies, shows, classic cars and good food paired with the perfect wine. Above all, I relish in laughter and a good time.

I know what you need: I understand your cravings, desires and the need to be showered with attention. I savor my talents and ability to fulfill your fantasies and take pleasure while doing so.

My style is unique, as befits my personality: my looks and my demeanor blend sensuality with an avant-garde and truly original sense of fashion. Generous men who enjoy indulging me and my pursuit of always looking stylish have a special place in my heart.

My charm and allure speak for themselves: I am the intoxicating beauty you’ve always desired but could never approach, the ideal girlfriend who has been enticing you in your wildest dreams of erotic bliss but felt unattainable. Until now.

I’m equally comfortable and skilled socializing at luxury establishments and restaurants, and exploring the deepest appetites of the flesh in the privacy of a five-star hotel.

And make no mistake: as approachable and personable as I am in a social public setting, I am a true mistress of the dark arts when it comes to pleasure. I will keep smiling, but it’ll be in anticipation of the wildest activities in which we can indulge together.

Things that most people consider kinky or taboo only scratch the surface of what I can and will voraciously engage in, with the right partner.

It all begins when we first stare into each other’s eyes. Our first embrace. The moment our hands touch, and your heart starts racing. Everything feels genuine and spontaneous. My talent is to turn something that was previously planned and make it seem improvised.

It won’t be a simple encounter: it will be an experience. One that you won’t forget.

Are you ready to share uninhibited raw expressions of emotion? Embark on a quest for sensual unadulterated kink? I want to create an intimate connection of the purest form, one where physical and mental attraction become one and the same.

Explore pure, unadulterated erotica at its peak with me.

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seattle ebony kinky escort

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