Welcome to my world.

I’m glad you took the plunge and decided to find out what I can uniquely offer. I am Koi Erotica. Seattle’s only sensual Ebony contemporary companion, fetishist and artist. A true Goddess in my own right, I love getting my way.

My journey is filled with self exploration, loving my most authentic self and a yearning for adventure.

Share the ecstasy of life with me.


I challenge you...

You,  generous and charming, I challenge you to learn all you can about me. The nature of my design is like no other. Which is exactly what you seek. Curiosity has led you this far, together let’s embark on a journey of symbiotic exploration.

Some say intoxicating

Quintessential Southern, old school classic charm.

Born in New Orleans, from which I inherited my southern old school classic charm, sense of humor and hospitality. I’ve come to love calling Seattle and it’s scenic views my home. Sightseeing around the Pacific Northwest has evolved into one of my favorite activities. I know of a place or two if your heart desires a quick 5 mile hike to get there.

Uniquely alternative.

My style fits my personality. My looks and my demeanor blend sensuality with an avant-garde and truly original sense of fashion. My personal style is classic with urban flair and hints of fem daddy.

I revel in my versatility.

My enthusiasm for expressing myself through photography and film has become a real passion of mine. With a body made for sin I can’t help but to be an exhibitionist. Falling for my beauty and ample curves will be your newest intoxication.

My smoldering eyes and devilish smile are sure to leave you unraveled.

Take my hand

A Hedonist by nature.

My boudoir fascinations are not limited, extend to kinky and taboo desires. While always preserving a natural girlfriend ascetic. 

Being a multi passionate lover curating genuine connections is electrifying for me. Those taunting fantasies, I feed on making them reality. 

I welcome men, women, couples and trans folks to savor life’s more torrid pursuits.

Life is short

Why not spend it on an adventure feeding your mind, body and soul?

Simultaneously transcending unforgettable experiences. The pursuit of mutual happiness is my only true goal. Let the stresses of everyday humdrum life fall to the waist side. Your next illicit adventure starts here. My lasting gift to you will be the memories we cultivate together.

My talent is to turn something that was previously planned and make it seem improvised. It won’t be a simple encounter: it will be an experience.

An experience you won't forget.

Are you ready to share uninhibited raw expressions of emotion? Embark on a quest for sensual unadulterated kink? I want to create an intimate connection of the purest form, one where physical and mental attraction become one and the same.

Explore pure, unadulterated erotica at its peak with me.



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