Koi Erotica

Seattle Based Luxury Alternative Sensual Kink Companion | Available World Wide By Appointment

Alternative Decadence. Meet Your Seattle Ebony Kinky Escort and Companion.

I am Koi Erotica, Seattle ebony kinky escort and companion.

I am the living embodiment of twisted kink and irrepressible desire: my interests range from the sensually carnal to the outrageously extreme.

Always within the realm of safe, sane and consensual play, I love blurring the lines and getting down and dirty.

I was born in New Orleans, which is where my warm, outgoing smile and southern charms come from. My home is the Pacific Northwest. I love my Seattle and one of my favorite activities is to explore the city all its possibilities with worthy suitors.

Don’t let my approchableness lull you into a false sense of security: I know what I want, and I certainly know how to get it. More importantly, I know what you need: a Seattle ebony kinky escort. I understand your cravings and desires, and I relish in my ability to fulfill them and take pleasure while doing so.

My style is unique, as befits my personality: my looks and my demeanor blend sensuality with an avant-garde and truly original sense of fashion. In me you will find a Mistress to worship and a Girlfriend to spoil. I don’t need to force you to do anything, because once you meet me you will feel compelled to please me and be blessed with the gift of my companionship.

My stunning looks and curves are a reward onto itself: you will not be able to resist the impulse to stare at me and to admire my body, my strong legs, my perfectly pedicured feet. You will lose yourself into my eyes and you will yearn for my touch, whether it is given to caress or to inflict pain. And you will feel secure in giving yourself to me, to be aroused, trained and metaphorically devoured by my carnal appetites.

What are you waiting for? This is what you have been craving all this time, the chance of a lifetime. I am the dream that can become reality…

…if you are willing to give yourself to me.

Explore pure, unadulterated erotica at its peak with me.

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