Etiquette & Expectations

Exclusive Ebony Escort Seattle

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Before thrusting ourselves into a whilwind of a good time, I have a few guidelines to ensure a stellar encounter.


I am a lady of leisure in the constant pursuit of happiness. My personal life is filled with outdoor adventure, travel, personal hobbies, and much more. Being the busy entrepreneur that I am, I prefer dates be booked at least 48hrs in advance. This gives me plenty of time to properly prepare myself for you and for the adventure we are sure to share.

While on tour please do consider making all request at least 72hrs in advance. I do not accommodate same day request while on tour.

Initial Contact & Communication

First impression are everything, so do remain a gentleman when getting in touch with me. I pride myself on being discreet and professional, and I ask the same of you. Take care to fill out my contact form in detail. Screening for my safety and peace of mind is of the upmost importance to me. Do your best to refrain from using any explicit language before being screened. I personally respond to all booking request within 24hrs by email. Once screened we can stay in touch by email or text message, you pick.

Deposits & Cancellations

Once you have set a date with me, that day is entirely dedicated to you. Small deposits of 20% of my donation are required to set our valuable time together in stone. Life changes in the blink of an eye and plans may need to change. Cancellations on my end never happen, but in the event of me needing to cancel I will refund your deposit in full within 24hrs. If you are needing to cancel and are able to reschedule within one week, your initial deposit will be applied to our new date. In the event of you needing to cancel less than 48hrs in advance a  cancellation fee equal to 50% of the booked date rate will occur.

Location & Outcalls

I host a fabulous well-appointed private incall in the greater Seattle area. My exact location will be shared with you the day of our date, 4 hours ahead of time. I am more than happy to visit you at your private location or upscale hotels.


I’ll always be appropriately dressed for any affair, whether it be outdoors or in. If you have any allergies to perfume, please do let me know. Cleanliness and hygiene can be a turn on or mayor turn off. My shower is always readily available with plush towels and hygiene products at your disposal.

Exclusive Ebony Escort Seattle

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