Before thrusting ourselves into a whirlwind of a good time, I have answered a few questions that may be on your mind to ensure a stellar encounter.

Take care to read in detail the answered questions below.


Are you taking any safety precautions during COVID-19?

While the pandemic takes its toll on us, we must do all we can to flatten the curve.

I spent a great deal of this year keeping very much to myself, emerging from my cocoon only for select friends. Preparation and planning is key. Moving forward 90 minute minimums will be required for new friends.

Please wear your mask upon visiting my space.


What is the best way to contact you?

First impressions are everything, so do remain a gentleman when getting in touch with me.

Initiating contact through my website makes screening so easy for me. Take care to fill out my contact form in detail. Screening is for my safety, peace of mind and of the utmost importance to me. Do your best to refrain from using any explicit language before being screened.

Unless engaged, I personally respond to all booking requests within 12 – 24 hrs.

Over the phone communication will take place upon the day of our date. After establishing a wonderful connection I welcome text for faster contact.

Do you require a deposit?

Once you have set a date with me, that day is entirely dedicated to you. A great deal of energy in preparation for our meet is invested.

A deposit of 30% is required to set our valuable time together in stone and ensure that my effort isn’t wasted. For Fly Me To You Dates a 50% deposit plus travel expenses is required upon booking.

Deposits can be sent with Giftly.com, Cash App and Venmo. Overnight cash deposit options coming very soon.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. Life changes in the blink of an eye and plans may need to change.

Cancellations on my end never happen, but in the event of me needing to cancel, I will refund your deposit in full within 24hrs.

If you are needing to cancel and are able to reschedule within one week, your initial deposit will be applied to our new date.

In the event of you needing to cancel less than 48hrs in advance a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the booking rate will occur.


Is incall available?

I host a fabulous well-appointed private space minutes from Downtown Seattle. With plush hotel amenities, lavish snacks and breakages available.

My exact location will be disclosed the day of our scheduled meeting, 4 hours ahead of time.

Plenty of off street parking is available and it’s also very accessible from public transportation.

Is outcall available?

The thrill of a hotel rendezvous brings me much excitement. Visiting your 4 or 5 star hotel would be my pleasure. While visiting your private residence will be an option after our first meeting.

A 2hr booking requirement and an additional 150$ to my donation will be added for travel time and expense for all outcalls.

Are same day requests okay?

For new lovers, no! I am a lady of leisure with a very active life. Or simply soaking in a bubble bath basking in the moment of relaxation.

With this in mind I ask that dates be booked at least 48 – 72hrs in advance.

My preference is building lasting relationships that I am properly prepared for.


Do you tour?

I do have a 2021 schedule planned out. Exact dates could be subject to change.

My touring schedule is very limited, but my availability to travel is open.

Make sure to visit my Travel / Fly Me To You page to know what my current schedule is.

Will you come to my city?

I will be thrilled to visit you anywhere in the world. My fly me to you travel is always open. I do not travel at my own expense when it comes to FMTY dates.

A minimum of a 4Hr booking is required for USA travel and a minimum of a 48hr booking for all international travel plus travel expenses and lodging covered. A 50% deposit is required upon booking.

I’m ready with a 48hrs notice.

Our Date

What happens upon meeting?

I’ll always be appropriately dressed for any affair, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Given I’m a planner.

If you have any allergies to perfume, please do let me know.

Cleanliness and hygiene can be a turn on or major turn off. My shower is always readily available with plush towels and hygiene products at your disposal.

Is GFE or PSE available?

When provoked I can be a most curious and lustfully adventurous girlfriend and true perverted hedonist. My desires for Grecian visits are often as I am an experienced traveler.

A 2 hour minimum booking is required for all PSE and Greek requests.

Are you BDSM and Fetish friendly?

Mmmm, but of course. With years of experience I consider myself a skilled Fetishist and sensual Goddess of seduction. I’ve mastered a vast variety of taboo desires.

My personal interests include, but are not limited to:

We can chat about cravings you may have that you don’t see listed once a date has been secured with a deposit.

Are wardrobe requests okay?

Upon passing screening, I am very open to entertaining thoughtful requests.

If your tastes are tailored to a certain style of lingerie I ask that you provide the look. I am happy to collaborate in finding what suits your desires. Sending me an eGift card is the easiest way to accomplish this.

I do have a growing collection of latex, stellar shoe and boot collections. You’re more than welcome to add to it if my closet is lacking your desires.

Do consider an engagement of 4 hrs or longer when making your request. The measures and effort spent to adorn my wears should have equal if not more time to be admired and worshiped.


Are you bisexual?

I am very fluid and openly sexual. My preference is engaging with like minded folks of all genders and I truly enjoy the company of other women.

Do you offer duos?

In Seattle or when I tour, I have a few companions that I would love to share time and space with. My personal preference is engaging with like minded gender fluid perverts.

Donation matching is a must when booking group fun. Both parties must be compensated equally.