Alternative Decadence. Meet Your Seattle Ebony Kinky Escort and Companion.

Alt Ebony PSE Fetish Escort Seattle NYC

Welcome to my world. I’m glad you took the plunge and decided to find
out what I can uniquely offer. I dare you to learn all you can about
me. The nature of my design is like no other. Which is exactly what you
seek. Curiosity has lead you this far, together let’s embark on a
journey of symbiotic exploration
Life is short so why not spend it on an adventure feeding your mind,
body and soul? Simultaneously transcending unforgettable experiences.
The pursuit of mutual happiness is my only true goal. I want to help you
release the stresses from everyday humdrum life. Your next illicit
adventure starts here. My lasting gift to you will be the memories we
cultivate together.

Join me …


I am Koi Erotica, Seattle’s only creatively sensual Ebony contemporary
companion and fetishist. The ultimate girlfriend of your wildest
desires. Test the waters of my Koi pond and find out for yourself.

“ I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I
like most, to laugh.”
— Audrey Hepburn

Born in New Orleans, from which I inherited my outgoing personality,
senseof humor and southern hospitality. Naturally my demeanor is forever
chilled and laid back. I’ve come to call the Pacific Northwest my home.
Seattle’s lush greenery and scenic views will always have a piece of my
heart. I wouldn’t mind sharing my wonderful city with you.

Naturally elegant and laid-back, but I’m also an outgoing girl who loves
movies, shows, classic cars and decadent food paired with the perfect
wine. On the flip side I do love a crisp IPA paired with a juicy burger.
Above all, I relish in laughter and a good time.

My unique alternative style befits my personality. My looks and my
demeanor blend sensuality with an avant-garde and truly original sense
of fashion. I mix classic style with urban fashion and a hint of butch
fem daddy. Naturally I sport a flattop fade styled haircut, but
occasionally I enjoy wearing a sassy bob wig featured in some of my
photos. With a body made for sin, I possess luscious curves in all the
perfect places. I am the intoxicating beauty, a dreamer and lover.

Currently I seek daily fulfillment to better myself. From catching up on  my reading to engaging in rigorous outdoor activity, fitness training 
sessions, yoga and fencing. I’m always on the hunt for something new to 
try. Ultimate relaxing and leisure also brings me joy with personal self-care and mental health being of the upmost importance to me.

What about you?
Successful, busy and always on the go. Maybe your schedule only allows a 
short tryst in your day. Or together we’ll carve out the perfect weekend 
getaway. A escape from reality is what I want to give you. I understand 
your needs, cravings and desires. Let me address the famine within your 

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The Experience

It all begins when we first stare into each other’s eyes. Our first
embrace. The moment our hands touch, and your heart starts racing.
Everything feels genuine and spontaneous. My talent is to turn something
that was previously planned and make it seem improvised. ​

I am both your trusted playful girlfriend and a true mistress of the
dark arts when it comes to pleasure. I will keep smiling, but it’ll be
in anticipation of the wildest activities in which we can indulge
together. Things that most people consider kinky or taboo only scratch
the surface of what I can and will voraciously engage in, with the right

It won’t be a simple encounter: it will be an experience. One that you
won’t forget. I savor my talents and ability to fulfill your fantasies
and take pleasure while doing so.

Are you ready to share uninhibited raw expressions of emotion?

Embark on a quest for sensual unadulterated kink?

Alt Ebony PSE Fetish Escort Seattle NYC

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