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If we have not had the pleasure of meeting, welcome to my world of erotica. My name is Koi and I am magic incarnate in human form. When we meet you will find me to be a very passionate, sensual, seductive young woman who is eager to show you the true meaning of the word pleasure. I provide an experience that can only be described as unadulterated Erotica; A warm and exciting place for you to explore your desires, however wild they may be. Come unhinged and expose your true nature. An encounter with me will only consist of things that I too enjoy, as there is so much that I love about intimacy I see no reason to fake it.

I am a young Seattle (I play in the Capitol Hill area) based woman with an athletic frame, deep almond brown eyes and silky hazelnut hued skin. I have a deep passion for acting, theater and writing which allows me to express myself in many artistic ways. I am a bit of a wild girl who thinks outside the box, never fearing to let my mind wander and to explore new things. I am a true romantic at heart when it comes to all things, especially people. In social situations I am a chameleon who can conform to all sorts of situations and environments. You will find that time spent with me will fly by, it will be as if I am your long lost lover who you finally reconnected with.

Won’t you take some time away from your routine with me? Allow yourself to fall in love with me for the time that we’re together and I will return that energy ten fold.

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Koi Erotica

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